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虽然 jQuery 仍然占据着不小的市场,但是基本都是旧项目上的依赖;在如今,新项目大都不会考虑使用 jQuery
如今,老旧项目也在陆续抛弃 jQuery ,这位昔日的前端霸主,已经被时代抛弃~

近日,英国政府网站GOV.UK移除了对jQuery的依赖,节省了 32Kb 的空间,对于静态页面网站,这已经是不小的优化了。


The main disadvantage of using jQuery is that it has to be included in the page assets, which can slow down how quickly a site loads. GOV.UK's pages vary in size, but the homepage is around 246 kB - 32 kB (13%) of which was jQuery. That’s not a huge amount, but it’s worth considering the performance impact, especially for users on low-specification devices.

TypeScript, why is so important?

一篇 typescript 入门教程文档,文章从为什么要学 typescript 讲到到使用方法和基本知识。


JavaScript is a interpreted or dynamic compiled language, so there is no need for the developer to actually compile the code before running the program. Therefore, when we describe TypeScript as a Typed Superset of Javascript, it means that it provides developers with a new set of statements that enable them to add types to a loosely-typed language like JavaScript.

How to use Chrome as a Code Editor and Debugger

文章介绍了如何使用 Chrome 的编辑和调试功能,知道这些技巧来帮助开发。


You can open a JavaScript file from the Sources panel and click any line number to set a breakpoint (denoted by a blue marker). Note you can also select files and add breakpoints in source maps which may be easier.

A breakpoint specifies a point where the debugger will pause processing so you can inspect the state of the program and progress to the following line. You can define any number of breakpoints, but you should only need to set them where you want to start debugging.

2021.07.13 我们是这样崩的

2021年7月13日22:52,bilibili 突然崩了。
这篇文章是由 bilibili 官方发布的业务故障回溯分析文章,详细的分析了发生故障的原因以及解决方案。




free illustrations for pages

一款好看的 404 插画,部分免费 !

404 插画

Make a unique journey through 404 error pages on your website Use these illustrations that describe better than words



帮助快速、方便地将 JavaScript 代码转换到 TypeScript的工具


ts-migrate is a tool for helping migrate code to TypeScript. It takes a JavaScript, or a partial TypeScript, project in and gives a compiling TypeScript project out.


nCoVIS 是山东大学 VisLab 实验室为大众提供的一个在线可视化分析平台,旨在探索从 COVID-19 疫情出现直到现在:

  • 人们在网络上讨论什么?
  • 各地区新闻在报道什么?
  • 上面两者的关系以及对控制疫情有什么指导意义?